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Property and asset management advice is a mainstay of our offer. Since the founding of ermc in 2002, our practitioners have always been leaders in all aspects of property consulting. We have invested in the latest technologies to provide the most contemporary and effective methods of evaluating and advising on buildings, assets, and land.

We can support private and commercial property owners and agents with a range of surveying services, we now supplement and enhance these with point cloud survey and 360deg camera technology to provide reality capture data and reference material that will remain useful for the life of a building. We have found huge benefit in employing these technologies by limiting time on site or number of visits (something very advantageous when sites are difficult to access or have strict security controls). Secure methods of storing and sharing any data captured and the ability to do most of the survey assessment from a desktop position.

We often pair our building surveying services with our architectural capability, capturing existing buildings and designing new opportunities for use.

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