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The Historic Building Record of the lantern room at St Catherine’s Lighthouse on the Isle of Wight, carried out by ERMC Ltd on behalf of Trinity House. A desktop heritage analysis and on-site building survey were conducted.


The Lighthouse is situated on St Catherine’s Point, southwest of the nearest settlement of Niton and within a predominantly rural area at the southernmost tip of the Isle of Wight. As the General Lighthouse Authority for England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar, Trinity House has responsibility to maintain the navigational infrastructure for maritime traffic throughout this area. Through their regular maintenance programme, Trinity House have identified the current operational apparatus of St Catherine’s Lighthouse as in need of modernisation.


These works proposed the removal of the existing lens, light pedestal, service stage railings and cleaning platform from within the Lantern Room and the subsequent installation of a new platform, railings and fixed LED light and pedestal into the same space. Due to the historic significance of the lighthouse, its contents and setting, additional information was required to provide justification for the changes proposed, and to mitigate any impact on the heritage value of the site.

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