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Is the company a limited entity?
Is the company VAT registered?
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Policies and Insurances

Do you have a Health & Safety policy?
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Do you have an Environmental policy?
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Do you have Employer's Liability insurance?
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Do you have Product & Public Liability insurance?
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Do you have Professional Indemnity insurance?
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Company Details

Remittance Details:

Quality Policies

Does the company operate and maintain a registered quality assurance system to BS EN ISO 9001:2008 standards?
If yes, are any of your goods or services outside your scope of ISO 9001 accreditation?
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Does the company have a written Quality Assurance Manual and/or Quality Assurance Procedures?
Does the company hold any other third party Quality Assurance?
Does the company have a return of goods policy?
Does the company have a training programme in place for personnel performing work affecting quality?
Do you intend sub-contracting labour?
Does the company perform final acceptance inspections?
Has your company ever been convicted under the Bribery Act 2012?

Contract personnel only: Please provide name(s) and position of specific individuals identified as a suitable qualified and experienced person to perform the work required by ermc Limited and attach the specified documentation.

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- It is my understanding that the responses to this Approved Supplier Form are subject to verification by ermc Limited.
- I certify the information supplied is true and complete, and ermc Limited will be notified of any significant facility or organisational changes such as company name, location or senior management.

As per quality requirements, our company/store agrees to retain quality records for a minimum of 7 years.

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